Experience Montville Day Spa!

Montville Day Spa is where you can find balance, harmony and energy renewal amidst the hectic bustle of everyday pressures and deadlines.
Relax & enjoy a personalised day spa experience in our comfortable sanctuary.

A gorgeous tranquil facility on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland serving two important functions-

Firstly the Montville Day Spa is a centre of excellence in the Holistic Health Services Industry of The Hinterland employing the “best of the best” in what is already known as a knowledgeable and caring centre for Healing, Pampering and Facilitating better Wellness outcomes.

A team of skilled local practitioners work alongside each other providing a wide diversity of services to locals and visitors alike.

Secondly our aim is to provide an unforgettable experience for our clients (for all the right reasons) We would hope that all clients leave our facility enriched by the experience(s) they choose from our diverse menu of treatments. The indoor and outdoor facilities are private, tranquil and Romantic. One of our Specialities – the Couples Massages can be experienced either indoors or outdoors.

The outdoor option is experienced in an exquisite natural setting and our preferred option for the warmer months as this experience is not available elsewhere on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland!

Another Speciality – our Flotation Pool – just one of two in Queensland – no, not a Float Tank – we have the real thing that gives you the optimal Floatation experience without the claustrophobia of a Tank. Our Float Pool offers a unique option for anyone wishing to experience the extraordinary sensation of complete and utter relaxation that only Sensory Deprivation offers.

For those contemplating a serious detox program, our Far Infra-red Sauna is an ideal addition to such a program. The dry, healthy heat stimulates the passage of toxins out of the body through the bodies largest organ – the skin.

treatments to relax

your body and soul

rejuvinate and


bring balance back to

your life

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