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Value packed Packages for Groups

from 4 up to 8 participants:

Full Day Package

Enjoy a fun-filled Full Day Spa experience in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

-Your day starts at 9.00 am with Yoga/meditation and finishes at 4 pm with Bubbles and a sweet treat!

-We provide robes, towels, slippers & yoga mat for the day​

-You start your day with a beautiful 90 minute relaxation Yoga and meditation class​

-Lunch is served at a time that suits and consists of a delicious homemade soup followed by a Mediterranean tasting plate​

-During the day you’ll experience both a 60 minute full body massage of choice and a unique 60 minute edible Facial treatment

(Pregnancy, Swedish and Hot Stone massages available)​

-You have full access to our outdoor facilities including our outdoor mineral pool (warmer months) our 9 hole Disc Golf course barefoot bowling green and beautifully manicured grounds

– It is possible to add a 60 minute Floatation Session or a 30 minute Far Infra-red Detox session at additional charge​

-You have access to unlimited (chemical free) water, herbal teas and freshly squeezed OJ!

All for $325 pp Monday to Friday and $345 Weekends.

Half Day Package

Half day morning or afternoon Day Spa Experience –   Your 4 hour package can begin either at 9.00 am finishing at 1pm, or begin at 1pm, finishing at 5 pm.

We provide slippers, robe, towels and yoga mat.

​​Your half day comprises 3 Hours of relaxation & pampering and either finishes or begins with lunch – Winter months, homemade soup plus Mediterranean tasting plate

During your morning half day, you’ll be treated to a 1 hour Yoga class plus a 1 hour full body massage, Swedish, Hot Stone, Pregnancy and Remedial massages available, plus lunch, plus treat and bubbles.

During your afternoon half day you will be treated to a 1 hour deluxe facial and a 1 hour Tai Chi class, Facial can be either a Paprika power facial or a Coconut hydrating facial, plus lunch, plus treat and bubbles.

We provide unlimited chemical free water, herbal teas and freshly squeezed OJ and we finish both packages with Bubbles and a sweet treat!

It is possible to add extra treatments or choose our full day option.

Total cost $195 pp Monday to Friday and $215 pp Weekends
 Couples Massages in Pavilion or Day Spa

Couples Massages in Pavilion or Day Spa

Massage Menu for Couples or Singles:

A Gift from Mother Nature: A Package like no other and experience in our very private Balinese style Pavilion. This ritual is a combination of full body massage and our unique “edible facial treatment”.

The ritual begins with our skilled therapists working with clients to create the fresh, organic facial mask which is eaten with Gluten Free corn chips and a cup of Herbal Tea or our own spring water. The client(s) then produces the same edible face mask which is then used by the therapist(s) in the facial treatment – the magic has begun!

Two beautiful additional experiences built into this package include cranial balancing along with hands and feet reflexology which together will transport you to a magical place in the Clouds The whole experience takes 2.5 Hours and is priced at $265 pp with a $10 surcharge pp Saturdays and Sundays.

The Romance Ritual – With Ayurvedic Oils this is a full body, remedial deep tissue massage utilising both pressure and trigger point therapies. Add subtle cranial balancing to experience a “floating in the Clouds” Not just a resort rub, ideal for today’s busy people who need total body balancing, it is simply a free form style of a holistic massage. Before your massage we will discuss your needs (areas of restriction, tightness or pain) and then discuss the best approach for your treatment.
1.5 Hrs 165 pp. Please note: $10 surcharge Sat and Sun.

An Original Swedish Massage – the most commonly offered and best known type of massage. This massage type was developed in Sweden in the 18th Century and combines a knowledge of Gymnastics and physiology originating in Chinese, Egyptian, Greek and Roman techniques. It is a full body massage that uses a combination of long strokes, kneading motions, friction and stretching. It is used to increase blood flow to specific areas. You should also feel an easing in muscle tension, feel more relaxed, notice improved flexibility and as well this massage will help rid the body of stored toxins. The massage can be slow and gentle or more vigorous and your therapist will be happy to follow your instructions.
60 mins $115 pp and  90 mins $165 pp. Please Note: $10 surcharge Sat and Sun.

Best results come from this treatment  when combined with a heat treatment such as Far Infra-red Sauna which loosens tight muscle and skin tissue giving the therapist greater access to all tissues.

Free form Hawaiian Kahuna –  A beautiful experience. Kahuna Massage or Lomi Lomi body-work is unique in a number of respects, this beautiful form of Hawaiian bodywork provides a holistic approach for balancing the whole body-mind total well-being in its physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions. It is known and believed to be an ultimate sacred experience! Our Therapists use their hands, forearms and elbows and move around the table (using flowing Hula and Tai Chi dance style movements).  Sacral Cranial Balancing and Hawaiian facials acupressure is also experienced.
1.5 Hrs $165 pp. 2 Hrs. $215 pp. Please Note: $10 surcharge Sat and Sun.

A Unique Experience – 2 Hours of Pure Bliss –  the combination of both Massage and Flotation Pool is something most Day Spa’s cannot offer but at The Montville Day Spa we do and the results are outstanding! You can choose any one of our 1 Hr Massage offerings and combine them with a 1 Hr Flotation Session.
2 Hr Package is $165. Please Note:$10 surcharge Sat and Sun.

In the case of Couples, at the end of 2 Hrs each partner has experienced both a Massage and a Float – this is a very special experience and unique to our Day Spa.
Total cost per couple is $315 Monday to Friday and $335 Saturday and Sunday.

Yin and Yang Magic. – Combinations of life changing wellness treatments, a custom assessment for the ultimate massage and includes beautiful Aromatherapy Oils..! Restore Harmony and Balance with combinations of both traditional and modern techniques. T.M.J. Release “temporomandibular Joint Release” with an Indian head and neck along with a full body treatment. This journey begins with a Full Reflexology Treatment working both hands and feet, includes a foot Salt Scrub and French Clay Paint finished with peppermint treatment.

Please note: This specialised treatment package has limited availability and needs to be pre-booked well in advance.                                                                                                                                                   1.5 Hrs $165 pp. 2 Hrs. $215 pp. Please Note: $10 surcharge Sat and Sun.

Hot Stone Massage – If you’ve never experienced a hot stone massage, you have something to look forward to! This is a Balinese style treatment using hot stones in our hands. Using smooth warm river stones, aromatherapy oils and our hands combined in a Balinese style massage we melt away any muscle tension you may have and encourage deeper relaxation. We can adapt pressure to suit you, but if you like a firmer massage then these heated stones can achieve this better than hand pressure alone due to the stone surface being solid. 1 Hr $115  1.5 Hrs $165  Please Note:$10 surcharge Sat and Sun.

Please Note: We reserve the right to relocate you to where we believe is the most suitable location for your Day Spa massage in order to maximise your experience with us. Because we have a mix of beautiful massage locations there are days that present us with an opportunity to make your treatment an even better than anticipated experience!

Body Alignment – the Ultimate Sports Massage! Ideal for athletes and active people, it is an awesome free form style of a holistic massage practice’s, combining 7 massage therapies where ,“east meets west”. Our Therapist also does strength and length testing to bring about a greater range of movement. Muscle length and strength testing involves elongating the muscle in the direction opposite of its action while assessing its resistance to passive lengthening – assisting to realign hips back and necks and reduce ongoing pain in the nervous system.                                                                                                                                  Both acupressure and trigger point therapies are utilised to bring about positive change.

Highly recommended is the introduction of an ongoing plan to correct and maintain proper body balancing and function and note that Health Fund rebates are available for those with appropriate “extras cover”.               1.5 Hrs $175 pp. 2 Hrs. $235 pp. Monday to Fridays and $15 surcharge Weekends..

Also Note: This treatment package has limited availability and requires pre-booking as early as possible.



 Using a combination of Bamboo sticks, Bamboo oil from Byron Bay and fresh Bamboo leaves we give you a wonderful experience!

Using a combination of Bamboo sticks, Bamboo oil from Byron Bay and fresh Bamboo leaves we give you a wonderful experience!

Pre Natal Massage:

Pure Bliss – Pre or Post Natal Mums Pregnancy Massage / or those who need to be massaged in the Recovery Position, or due to health and or bodywork required for extra pain relief.

“A gentle and relaxing full body massage performed while mum-to-be rests on her side. This will have a calming effect for both you and your baby!

NB: The first trimester of pregnancy is a contra-indication for massage and unfortunately will not be performed during this period of pregnancy. Massage is performed only during the second and third trimesters. This style of massage heals and revitalises muscles and mind, eases nervous tension and induces healing of self and baby.

Be transported to a level of conscious awareness where body and mind become one. 1 Hr $115  1.5 Hrs $165  Please Note:$10 surcharge Sat and Sun.

 Benefits of Prenatal massage

Benefits of Prenatal massage

Spa Treatments:

A Paprika Power Facial:

A rejuvenating, anti-ageing facial for all skin types. Active Paprika stimulates circulation, oxygenating tired skin and a more youthful glow is promised. Paprika is high in Vitamin A (retinol), which increases collagen production, decreases fine lines and wrinkles, and gives you softer skin. The other main ingredients in this face mask recipe are – Avocado and Agave. .1 Hr $115    Please note: $10 surcharge Sat and Sun.

Coconut Hydrating Facial: Coconut oil, agave and fresh lemon juice

A nourishing and calming hydrating facial for the dryer skin type. Sooth and replenish your skin and align your senses to this Tropical Paradise hidden in the Clouds! Coconut oil is naturally rich in antioxidants and healthy acids. Coconut oil will soften and lubricate healthy skin cells, break down dead cells, heal acne, and hydrate skin. Coconut oil’s small molecular structure allows it to penetrate skin pores to soften rough skin from within. Agave is a natural humectant, which hydrates skin cells, fresh lemon juice is a natural astringent, which helps tighten and shrink large pores are the other ingredients of this face mask. 1 Hr $115     Please note: $10 surcharge Sat and Sun

 Combining fresh organic products that both taste good and feel good on the face is definitely a win, win!

Combining fresh organic products that both taste good and feel good on the face is definitely a win, win!

Special Beauty Treatments:

Signature Manicure:

Signature Manicure

Our complete manicure and includes an exfoliation and Paraffin treatment taking 90 mins $165 Weekdays and $10 surcharge Sat and Sun

Should you request a colour change once on and during the treatment add $15.00 for hands.

Signature Pedicure:

Signature Pedicure

A complete pedicure that includes an exfoliation and Paraffin treatment taking 90 mins  $165.00 Weekdays and $10 surcharge Sat and Sun.

Should you request a colour change once on and during the treatment add $15.00 for Toes.

Yoga Classes:

The gentle classes are intimate and allow for a focus on each student’s needs. These classes concentrate on body and breathe awareness. The general classes can be challenging and at the same time empowering. Both levels have an emphasis on precision and alignment.

“Our aim in teaching yoga is to promote flexibility and strength both in body and mind, with a playful, down-to-earth approach”.

Design your own Package, include massages, facials, edible mask rituals, saunas, floats, luncheons of fabulous plant based foods, bubbles for all!